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Retail IT Solutions honored as LS Retail Diamond Partner for 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Retail IT Solutions has been recognised as an LS Retail Diamond Partner for 2024. This prestigious title is awarded to companies that excel in delivering outstanding LS Retail solutions, and we are proud to be among this elite group.

StrongPoint: Leading in Grocery E-Commerce Solutions

StrongPoint stands as a beacon in grocery e-commerce, bringing over 35 years of unparalleled expertise to the table. Their tailored solutions, ranging from precise order picking to timely home deliveries, have made them the preferred choice for top retailers in Europe and the USA. In collaboration with Retail IT Solutions, StrongPoint continues to innovate, ensuring retailers are equipped with the best. Dive into the world of StrongPoint E-Commerce Mastery and discover how they are reshaping the landscape of grocery e-commerce, offering a blend of tradition and innovation that few can match.

Optimising Retail: Bluestone PIM’s Digital Edge

Bluestone PIM has emerged as a leader in Product Information Management for the modern digital landscape. Its features are tailor-made to suit intricate digital processes, offering seamless product data management, dynamic collaboration tools, and insightful data monitoring. Whether you're importing data, refining product content, or seeking integration with various sales channels, Bluestone PIM provides solutions at every step. Dive into the platform to understand how it's transforming the realm of digital retail processes.

Retail Technological Evolution

The retail sector is on the cusp of a technological shift. As business models adapt and consumer demands rise, technology becomes pivotal, enhancing experiences and efficiencies. This digital transformation reshapes the consumer journey and opens new avenues for businesses. We delve into this evolution, highlighting its significance and potential for the retail landscape.

Douglas: Beauty’s Digital Evolution

In an era where digital transformation redefines retail, Douglas stands out, seamlessly merging tradition with innovation. With over 2,000 stores and a vast product range, managing price points was a challenge. Leveraging SOLUM's cutting-edge solutions, Douglas transformed their pricing dynamics and in-store customer engagement. This not only maximised profitability but also enriched the customer journey. Through intuitive tools and dynamic pricing strategies, Douglas has set a new standard, showcasing the future of beauty retail in the digital age.

Newton X, the World’s smallest Electronic Shelf Label

Unveiling Newton X, the pinnacle of SOLUM’s innovations in Electronic Shelf Labelling (ESL). This breakthrough product is heralded as the world's smallest ESL, masterfully designed for meticulous product labeling. Perfectly suited for items as delicate as eyeglasses to high-end fashion, Newton X elevates the customer journey and streamlines operational efficiency. In collaboration with Retail IT Solutions, Newton X sets the new standard in retail innovation.

Toshiba’s Resilience: POS solutions for challenging Retail.

In the dynamic world of retail, Toshiba's solutions stand out. Combining top-tier performance with rigorous testing, the resilience of their POS systems is unparalleled. From bustling ferry terminals to vibrant bars like Jolly Roger’s, unexpected spills and challenges are the norm. However, Toshiba's commitment ensures that these systems can withstand intense conditions, providing businesses with uninterrupted service. Retail IT Solutions proudly champions Toshiba's unwavering focus on resilience, offering retailers a solution that thrives even in the most demanding settings.

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