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A Comprehensive Suite of LS Retail Plugins

Discover our suite of LS Retail plugins crafted by Retail IT Solutions. These plugins enrich the customer journey and optimise your retail operations. They address specific needs, offer seamless integration, and bolster functionality, proving essential for retail businesses.

Real-time Updates and Robust Pricing Compliance

Gain instant access to inventory and pricing details, enabling informed choices and smooth operations. Ensure compliance with pricing rules and achieve consistent pricing across all channels using our robust feature.

Seamless Two-way Communication and Customisable Solutions

Facilitate effortless communication between retail software and external hardware, enhancing interactions and efficiency. Our custom plugins meet your business needs, providing solutions per your goals.

Advantages of LS Retail Plugins

Increased Operational Efficiency: Optimise retail workflows, minimise errors, and conserve time and resources using our plugins.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Provide customers a seamless shopping journey with up-to-date inventory and pricing, promoting satisfaction and loyalty.

Substantial Compliance: Uphold pricing and inventory standards, safeguarding your business from potential fines and guaranteeing efficient operations.

Effortless Integration: Our plugins seamlessly merge LS Retail with external hardware, establishing a cohesive retail environment.

Unrivalled Support: Retail IT Solutions is dedicated to your success, providing unmatched support to meet your needs and optimise plugin performance.

Choose our LS Retail plugins for a brighter retail future. Enhance your operations and distinguish yourself with our cutting-edge solutions. Keen to elevate your business? Reach out to Retail IT Solutions for a discussion.

Our innovative Plugins

VAT Management

Dynamic VAT Management offers a flexible solution suitable for diverse businesses across industries. Notably, it proves invaluable for international passenger ferry companies, given their need to adhere to VAT regulations in every country of operation.

Passenger ferry companies can automate the intricate and time-intensive VAT calculations by adopting Dynamic VAT Management. This tool guarantees transaction alignment with local tax codes, streamlining payments and minimising errors.

The plugin also allows ferry companies to auto-adjust VAT rates, catering to distinct rules for varied routes or passenger categories. Such capability conserves time cuts administrative expenses, and fortifies regulatory compliance, marking it as an optimal choice for the sector.


Following the recent Danish tobacco regulations, we’ve introduced a plugin for LS Retail. This tool bridges the LS Retail system with our partner’s hardware, enabling retailers to align with the tobacco display rules and maintain an engaging customer experience.

The plugin guarantees that tobacco items remain out of sight, adhering to the latest regulations. It also empowers retailers to manage tobacco product inventory and pricing within LS Retail effortlessly. By integrating both systems, the plugin refines the retail workflow, enhancing efficiency and minimising mistakes.

For Danish retailers aiming to meet the tobacco regulations and uphold superior customer service, our plugin emerges as a pivotal solution.

Solum ESL

We’ve crafted a plugin facilitating smooth integration of Solum ESL with LS Retail. Compatible with both on-premises and SaaS variants of Aims — Solum ESL’s backend, this plugin offers retailers a holistic solution to enhance operations and deliver top-tier customer service.

Our plugin empowers retailers to manage ESL inventory and pricing effortlessly within LS Retail, refining the retail workflow and upholding pricing and inventory standards. Upon implementing our ESL plugin, retailers gain multiple advantages. They benefit from instantaneous updates to the ESL system, guaranteeing current pricing and inventory data. Moreover, managing pricing and promotions becomes more straightforward via LS Retail, making the process more efficient and less error-prone. Our plugin stands as a pivotal tool for contemporary retailers.

Through the integration of Solum ESL and LS Retail, they can bolster efficiency, diminish errors, and elevate the customer journey.