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Revolutionise Your Retail Environment with Solum Newton ESL

At Retail IT Solutions, we’re proud to present the future of retail technology – the Solum Newton suite of Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL). As a company committed to innovation, we believe the Newton ESL range’s advanced features and superior longevity will redefine your retail environment.

The Newton ESL is a game-changer in the retail technology sphere. Its 10-year battery life offers exceptional functionality, outlasting traditional ESLs and promising streamlined retail operations. Its advanced features include two programmable buttons, built-in NFC capabilities for seamless mobile payments and online platform connectivity, and an impressive update speed that outpaces competitors.

Further, with location-based services (LBS) supported through RFID technology, collision-free communication even in crowded Wi-Fi environments, and a versatile information display with seven colour LED options, Newton ensures a seamless customer experience. Its robust protection window and IP67 rating for water and dust resistance ensure its suitability for various retail environments.

Beyond the foundational Newton ESL, we offer a range of specialised solutions designed for diverse retail needs. The Newton 4-Colour enhances your in-store marketing campaigns with a rich colour display. The Newton LITE combines the advanced technology of the Newton System with superior screen protection and unique shelf security for maximised operational efficiency. The Newton Sub-Giga offers exceptional efficiency and reliability for industrial applications, making it an ideal IoT solution.

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Solum Newton ESL

Experience the future of retail with Solum ESL’s Newton, a revolutionary electronic shelf label (ESL) designed to provide exceptional functionality and longevity in retail environments. With an impressive 10-year battery life, Newton is a game-changer, outlasting traditional ESLs significantly.

The Newton ESL has innovative features, including two programmable buttons that streamline tasks and improve efficiency. It is refined aesthetic offers a sleek and modern appearance, while the option for customisable design allows you to incorporate your brand’s colours and logo.

Newton’s built-in NFC capabilities facilitate mobile payments and seamless connection to your company’s online platform. In addition, its impressive update speed, ten times faster than competitors, ensures that 3,000 tags can be updated within five minutes using a single Newton Gateway.

Location-based Service (LBS) is supported through radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, enabling automated product location and navigation. In addition, Newton’s collision-free communication ensures easy channel selection, even in crowded Wi-Fi environments.

With seven colour LED options and the ability to display up to seven pages of information, Newton provides a wealth of data to your customers. In addition, the robust protection window increases the label screen’s durability by 80%, ensuring it withstands potential hazards. Finally, the IP67 rating guarantees that Newton is water- and dustproof, capable of withstanding various temperatures and environments.

Invest in Solum ESL’s Newton and experience cutting-edge technology that will redefine your retail environment.


Solum Newton ESL 4 colours

Elevate your in-store marketing and branding campaigns with Newton’s latest 4-Colour electronic shelf label (ESL). Combining unparalleled power and speed with cutting-edge e-paper technology, Newton 4-Colour offers a rich, colour-rich display that features red, yellow, black, and white hues.

This vibrant and crisp ESL display enables more effective and versatile promotions, ensuring your products stand out and your sales soar.

Newton 4-Colour retains the real-time update speed and powerful features synonymous with Newton ESLs, while offering an increased temperature range for red and yellow pixels, resulting in a more eye-catching display.

In addition, its flexibility allows for seamless deployment across various retail sections, enhancing your in-store promotion campaigns and brand image on every shelf.

Whether you are showcasing a one-time sale event or ongoing product promotions, Newton 4-Colour is the ultimate solution for creating attention-grabbing displays that boost customer engagement and drive sales.

Experience the transformative impact of a more vibrant digital shelf display with Newton 4-Colour, the latest innovation from Solum that will revolutionise your in-store marketing strategy.

Choose Newton 4-Colour and unlock the full potential of your retail environment with a dynamic, colour-rich ESL display that will captivate customers and propel your sales to new heights.

Newton lite

Solum Newton ESL LITE

Discover the revolutionary Solum ESL Newton LITE, designed to bring unparalleled efficiency and durability to retail environments. Boasting the advanced Newton System technology, our labels are ten times faster than any other on the market, with optimised battery efficiency for maximum performance.

Experience the superior screen protection of Newton LITE. Its screen is 80% stronger than older models, capable of withstanding up to 323kg/m/sqm of shock, ensuring safety from potential hazards. In addition, the powerful and compact battery pack simplifies battery replacement and is guaranteed to last 5 to 7 years in temperatures ranging from 0-40 degrees.

Solum ESL Newton LITE offers a unique shelf security mechanism optimised for easy installation. The label can only be removed from the rail with a fantastic tool, eliminating the need for complex security systems. In addition, the heavy-duty, shockproof plastic case cover is a barrier against drops and bumps and can only be removed using the provided tool, protecting your ESLs from theft.

Our innovative label positioning system boasts an accuracy range of 1-2 metres, making Newton LITE the perfect solution for efficient operations and seamless end-user experiences. Customise your Newton LITE bezels with colourful printed stickers for a unique and creative advertising alternative.

Choose SoluM ESL Newton LITE for your retail business and embrace the future of electronic shelf label technology. With its cutting-edge features and robust design, Newton LITE provides unparalleled value, enhancing your operations and customer experience.

Newton X

Solum Newton ESL X

Experience the revolution in itemised product labelling with the Newton X. This latest advancement from Solum packages Newton’s unmatched power and speed into the world’s smallest Electronic Shelf Label (ESL). The Newton X is designed to bring digital transformation to your smaller, delicate items, including eyewear, fashion accessories, furniture and home decor.

With Newton X, product labelling becomes less about everyday operations and more about delivering a premium customer experience. The device’s design is not merely functional but also aesthetically pleasing, blending seamlessly into any product it’s attached to, thus elevating the overall presentation of your merchandise.

One of Newton X’s standout features is its integrated button, allowing for interactive customer engagement right at the shelf edge. With Location-Based Services, you can offer targeted promotions and personalised experiences, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The device also has a 7-colour LED, an efficient inventory management tool. The colour-coded system helps employees quickly identify items that need restocking or repricing, reducing time spent on these tasks and boosting overall efficiency.

In short, the Newton X is more than just a label. It’s a tool that can transform your retail business, boosting sales, improving customer engagement, and streamlining operations. Experience the future of retail with Newton X, the world’s most diminutive yet most powerful ESL, and take your business to new heights.

SoluM Newton

Solum ESL Sub-Giga

The Ultimate Solution for Industrial Applications. Optimising productivity in industrial environments requires automation, feasibility, and simplicity. Our Newton Sub-Giga line-up has been specifically designed to meet these demands, offering exceptional efficiency and reliability tailored for a range of industrial processes.

Newton Sub-Giga, electronic shelf labels operate at sub-giga speed, ensuring a long working range, low interference data transmission, rapid updates, and data exchange. This makes them the ideal Internet of Things (IoT) solution for today’s industrial environment.

Available in a Black/White/Red display, the Newton Sub-Giga ESL is visually appealing and highly functional, featuring two programmable buttons and a 7-colour LED indicator. Experience high modularity and adaptability with Newton Sub-Giga, the perfect tool for streamlining your industrial operations.

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