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Personal data collection

No personal data is collected without you being informed.

Contact form / Recruitment form

Retail IT Solutions use electronic messages containing your personal information with the sole purpose of meeting your needs.
The data are stored for one year.

Use and disclosure of your data

No personal information is given to third parties.

Data security

Our website holds an SSL certificate from Simply Hosting & Servers, and data exchanges are encrypted.

Our website is hosted by Simply Hosting & Servers. You can learn more about Simply Hosting & Servers’ safety policy here: SSL Certificate Service Conditions.

Personal data protection policy

We classify the cookies we use on our websites based on what they do and whether they are essential to the website’s working. You can disable any or all of the cookies we use via your web browser preferences or the settings link in the cookies banner. However, disabling certain cookies will prevent our sites from offering the functionality you want to use.

Analytical cookies
We use Google Analytics to collect information about your use of our website. We conduct these analyses to ensure the website meets your needs and to help us continue improving it.

We do not collect your personal information (like your name and address…) in Google Analytics. Furthermore, we do not authorise Google to use or share our analysis data with other Google data.

Required cookies
These cookies are necessary for some or all of our websites to work as you expect.

Cookie settings

You can control which cookies your web browser allows via the browser’s preferences. You may prevent (block) all cookies or just some but remember that some cookies are required for our website to work. Most web browsers also support optional plugins that offer enhanced control over cookies. Remember, cookies are browser and device-specific, so you must set your cookie preferences in all your browsers and on all your devices separately.

Your rights over your data

You have the right to access, edit and delete all the data about you, and you can exert this right at any time by contacting us: at