Solum Smart Store Operation

SoluM Smart Store Operation

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Welcome to the future of retail with Solum Smart Store Operation. This advanced solution caters to various retail businesses, offering exceptional features that promote efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profit enhancement.

Imagine a store where data-driven insights steer your business decisions. With SoluM, this is now a reality. Our Smart Store Operation utilises advanced analytics to streamline inventory management and optimise pricing strategies, ensuring no potential sales are missed.

Beyond operational efficiency, the SoluM solution enhances the customer experience, incorporating seamless in-store navigation and personalised customer engagement. This level of attention fosters loyalty and increases spending per visit, directly impacting your bottom line.

Solum Smart Store Operation is more than just a tool; it’s a strategic partner for retail businesses, empowering them to keep up and lead in the ever-evolving retail landscape. Your store is innovative; make sure your operations are too.

SoluM’s Newton Eye

SoluM’s Newton Eye is a revolutionary toolat is transforming traditional retail practices. The Newton Eye enhances customer service and streamlines staff responsibilities in stores.

In typical retail environments, real-time response to planogram issues such as out-of-stock and misplacement of items can be challenging.

First, customers must find staff for help, and then the team must identify and resolve the issue. Newton Eye changes this by assigning tags to each product, allowing customers and staff to interact with the store’s planogram via a mobile device.

This feature enables immediate resolution of problems, enhancing the shopping experience and operational efficiency.

Moreover, Newton Eye’s innovative system helps staff quickly identify issues such as out-of-stock or misplaced items, enabling them to replenish and relocate products promptly.

Newton Eye also improves the checkout process. Traditional checkouts can cause delays, but Newton Eye’s intelligent system ensures smooth and swift transactions.

Experience the benefits of SoluM’s Newton Eye, a solution designed to make retail operations more efficient and customer-centric. Newton Eye is the tool that keeps you ahead in the rapidly evolving retail landscape.

Solum Trace Tag

Introducing SoluM’s Trace Tag, a groundbreaking asset management solution that enhances your retail operations with innovative features. This easy-to-deploy system requires no infrastructure installation, ensuring a smooth and quick set-up process. Moreover, its software is always up-to-date, keeping you ahead of the curve with zero hassle.

One of the standout features of the Trace Tag is its robust data protection. Housed on the cloud, TraceCloud employs industry-leading security controls that align with regulatory standards. Your data is protected and encrypted, maintaining confidentiality and anonymity during storage and transmission.

The scalability of Trace Tag is second to none. A single login offers real-time and historical asset location data across multiple facilities. Available in both web and app versions, the system allows easy extension across all areas of your retail operations.

The innovative design of the Trace Tag is worth highlighting. The ultra-slim and ultra-light ActiveLabel is convenient and won’t burden your assets. Plus, its proprietary technology ensures an overwhelming battery life, adding to its practicality.

Finally, the Trace Tag promises visibility like never before. It offers precise location and temperature tracking data, enhancing the safety and efficiency of your asset management.

Harness the power of SoluM’s Trace Tag, and make your retail operations more intelligent, safer, and more efficient.

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