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How we work

We have two principal modes of work:

— We can become part of your technology teams. Join your teams, be led by your Product Owners & Project Managers and interact with your stakeholders as an integrated part of your agile teams.

— We can take on a specific project scope and work to deliver a clearly agreed product.

In both cases, we believe in complete transparency for the design and delivery processes.

Retail IT Solutions

Agile working

Retail IT Solutions

Close collaboration with your technical teams

Retail IT Solutions

Full transparency

Retail IT Solutions

Focus on project outcome

Retail IT Solutions Total service totaltjanst

Project management

Retail or hospitality projects’ success relies on effective planning, execution, and monitoring. Our company takes pride in our skilled project managers, who possess the expertise to lead your projects to success.

Our team consists of experienced professionals who understand your specific needs and goals. They use their industry knowledge to create tailored project plans for exceptional results. We recognise that each project is unique and offers various services to address specific needs. Our services include resource allocation, risk management, quality assurance, change management, stakeholder communication, and project evaluation.

We adopt a comprehensive approach to project management, ensuring every aspect is thoroughly planned and executed. Our project managers collaborate closely with you, ensuring timely delivery within budget and meeting your expectations. We are known for our attention to detail and commitment to excellence. We will keep you informed throughout the project and provide regular progress updates, all part of our full service.

LS Retail Architecture

Our team of highly experienced LS Central consultants has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the retail and hospitality industries. They will work closely with your technology architects to design the right LS Central solution for your business, considering your current and future technology needs.

We prefer to work agilely by embedding ourselves in your team for a specific project or task.

If not, we can help with your retail solution’s medium and long-term architectural design and planning, including any necessary integrations with your enterprise technology stack (finance, procurement, partner selling platforms, etc.).

LS Design & Planning
We can provide technical roadmap services for LS edition migrations, such as helping businesses migrate from LS Retail 2016 to LS Central site-by-site. We can also offer design services to companies changing or integrating other systems with their retail platform. Our expertise in these areas can help ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Retail IT Solutions Total service totaltjanst
Retail IT Solutions Total service totaltjanst

LS Retail Implementation

Our full service includes offering LS configuration and deployment support to help businesses handle the demands of implementation or site rollout, particularly when internal teams are stretched thin. Our team of skilled and experienced consultants and engineers can work with you to plan and execute agreed-upon segments of your rollout or implementation. Our support can help ensure your project stays on track and is completed efficiently and effectively.

Electronic Shelf label integrations to LS
We offer integration services for the SoluM ESL solution, including physically installing and identifying the correct clip/tag to shelf adaptors. In addition, we can train your teams to install and deploy the solution in your stores.

Retail Device Configuration & Deployment
Many different device options are available with varying screen sizes and business environments, so choosing the suitable configuration for the retail devices your staff and customers will be using is essential. We can work with your business teams to identify the optimal configurations that meet your needs and ensure a successful deployment.

LS Retail Development

Our team of experienced LS developers can create custom solutions that go beyond the capabilities of the standard LS Central product. This can range from simple additions of fields on forms to full live API integrations with systems such as eCommerce websites or document management systems.

We can develop features and objectives, deliver the code to your codebase, and run testing programs with your test teams to ensure a successful implementation.

Specialist integration Needs
We can develop custom interfaces, whether already designed or need to work with your team to build API contacts. Our expertise in this area can help ensure the interfaces meet your needs and requirements.

Retail IT Solutions Total service totaltjanst
Retail IT Solutions Total service


Our team is committed to providing exceptional support services for your retail and hospitality business. With extensive industry experience, our experts offer tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements, focusing on tasks aligning with your business needs.

Our support services include issue resolution, training and onboarding, and customised support plans.

Promptly addressing technical issues, our experts minimise disruptions to your operations. Comprehensive training and onboarding programs equip your staff with the knowledge and skills to use and maintain our solutions effectively.

Customised support plans cater to your needs, ensuring assistance when needed. Our support specialists work closely with you, understanding your business needs and offering tailored solutions for a hassle-free experience. We mean it, when we writes full fervice.