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Bluestone PIM

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Bluestone PIM is a powerful platform that is transforming how businesses handle their product data. Tailored to enhance operations and elevate omnichannel management, it’s the perfect fit for business owners, retail managers, and those in the hospitality sector.

The solution delivers an all-encompassing solution for efficient product data management. It houses all product data — from descriptions and images to specifications — in one central location. This ensures uniformity and up-to-date information across every channel, improving customer journey and increasing sales.

Beyond mere data management, Bluestone PIM empowers businesses to refine their product data with added attributes, classifications, and translations. This not only boosts product visibility but also aids in crafting a tailored customer experience.

Moreover, Bluestone PIM’s membership in the MACH Alliance underscores its commitment to agility and innovation. With a focus on Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless, the platform facilitates swift feature deployment and gives businesses the reins to their digital journey.

Features and Advantages of Bluestone PIM

Centralised Data Management

  • Comprehensive approach to product data management.
  • Unified location for all product details, from descriptions to images.
  • Guarantees uniform and current product information across all channels, leading to a superior customer journey and increased sales.

Data Enrichment & Digital Asset Management

  • More than just data management, the PIM enhances product data with added attributes, classifications, and translations.
  • Boosts product visibility and tailors the customer experience.
  • Integrated digital asset management for effortless handling of product visuals.

Workflow Automation & Integration

  • Simplifies product data processes from inception to final approval.
  • Reduces manual tasks, enhances efficiency, and lowers error chances.
  • Integrates smoothly with platforms like e-commerce sites, marketplaces, and ERP systems, ensuring streamlined data handling and improved operations.

Scalability & Analytics

  • Adapts with your growing business needs, supporting more products and users.
  • In-built analytics offer insights into product trends and user interactions, aiding informed decisions and business expansion.


What is Bluestone PIM?

It is a powerful product information management (PIM) platform crafted to enhance operations and elevate omnichannel management.

What are Bluestone PIM’s key features?

The Solution boasts features such as centralised data handling, data enhancement, digital asset management, workflow automation, smooth integration capabilities, adaptability, and in-depth analytics.

How does Bluestone PIM refine product data management?

Bluestone PIM houses all product data in one central location, ensuring uniform and current product details across every channel.

What advantages does Bluestone PIM’s data enrichment offer?

Bluestone’s data enrichment boosts product visibility and tailors the customer journey, leading to a more individualised user experience.

How does Bluestone PIM aid in business expansion?

Bluestone PIM is designed for growth, offering scalability and analytics that deliver insights into product trends and user interactions, fuelling informed business decisions.

How does Bluestone PIM integrate with other platforms?

Bluestone PIM seamlessly integrates with various platforms, including e-commerce sites, marketplaces, and ERP systems. This ensures efficient data management and optimised business operations, providing a cohesive ecosystem for businesses.

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