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Unifying Retail and Hospitality: The LS Retail Advantage

LS Retail specialises in providing comprehensive retail and hospitality management solutions. Their software suite aids businesses in these sectors, covering operations such as point-of-sale (POS), inventory management, customer loyalty programs, and e-commerce integration.

The company’s strength lies in its unified platform, merging various functionalities into one cohesive software solution. This enables businesses to refine processes, elevate efficiency, and boost the overall customer experience. Notably, retailers, restaurants, hotels, and other companies utilise the solutions to optimise their operations and deliver a consistent omnichannel customer experience.

Benefits and features of LS Retail

  • Point of Sale (POS): Efficient transaction handling, versatile payment processing, promotion and discount management, and an intuitive interface for sales staff.
  • Inventory Management: This component ensures effective inventory control, stock movement tracking, optimal reorder thresholds, and precise stock records across numerous locations.
  • Customer Loyalty: Tools are included to devise and oversee customer loyalty schemes. This aids businesses in rewarding longstanding customers and extracting valuable data on their shopping habits.
  • E-commerce Integration: Potential integration with e-commerce setups allows businesses to align their digital and physical sales avenues, regulate product listings, and maintain uniform pricing and information.
  • Analytics and Reporting: LS Retail’s suite often encompasses data analysis and reporting capabilities. This provides vital intelligence on sales patterns, inventory metrics, and other crucial indicators to facilitate informed decisions.
  • Multi-Channel Support: The software is crafted to deliver a consistent experience across diverse sales platforms, including physical outlets, online shops, and mobile applications.
  • Back-Office Management: It has tools that handle core back-office operations like financial bookkeeping, workforce planning, and supplier relations.
  • Security and Compliance: It ensures robust data protection with built-in security measures, encrypts transactions, and adheres to current industry standards and regulations.


What does LS in LS Retail stand for?

LS in LS Retail stands for “Landsteinar Strengur”, the name of the company that developed the software.

What does LS Retail do?

They provide comprehensive software solutions for the retail and hospitality industry. Their flagship product, LS Central, combines ERP and retail-specific functions to offer a unified platform for managing various aspects of a retail business.

Which industries benefit most from LS Retail solutions?

While they primarily focus on the retail and hospitality sectors, their comprehensive solutions also cater to restaurants, spas, supermarkets, and fashion outlets, helping them manage operations seamlessly.

Does LS Retail offer cloud-based solutions?

Yes, they provide cloud-based options, allowing businesses to access their management tools from anywhere, ensuring greater flexibility and real-time data tracking.

How adaptable is LS Retail’s software to different business sizes?

The software solution caters to a diverse range of businesses, from small independent retailers to large-scale chains, ensuring scalability and flexibility as the business grows.

How does LS Retail’s software integrate with other third-party systems?

The platform is designed for easy integration with numerous third-party systems, ensuring businesses can streamline operations and maintain their preferred software ecosystem without compatibility issues.

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