StrongPoint: Leading in Grocery E-Commerce Solutions

StrongPoint, a distinguished name in grocery e-commerce, offers hyper-efficient solutions tailored to the needs of retailers. Their comprehensive range includes meticulous order picking, seamless home delivery, and the ever-popular click & collect options.

Decades of Expertise

With a history that spans over 35 years, StrongPoint’s commitment to innovation and excellence is evident. Their solutions have been the choice of top grocery retailers in Europe and the USA, showcasing their reliability and industry-leading standards.

Tailored Solutions for Retailers

Understanding the diverse needs of retailers, StrongPoint has curated a suite of offerings:

Order Picking: The Heart of E-Commerce

The success of e-commerce largely hinges on accurate order picking. StrongPoint ensures this process is both precise and efficient, utilising advanced technology and industry best practices.

Home Delivery: The Epitome of Convenience

StrongPoint recognises the growing demand for home grocery deliveries. Their solutions ensure timely deliveries, with products reaching customers in prime condition.

Click & Collect: The Best of Both Worlds

For customers who appreciate the blend of online shopping with in-store experiences, StrongPoint’s click & collect is the ideal solution. It integrates online orders with physical store operations, offering flexibility to customers.

A Proud Association with Retail IT Solutions

Retail IT Solutions is honoured to partner with StrongPoint. This alliance reflects a mutual goal to provide unparalleled e-commerce solutions to retailers. By harnessing the expertise of both entities, retailers benefit from solutions that are both robust and customised to their specific needs.

Why StrongPoint Stands Out

Choosing an e-commerce solution is a pivotal decision for retailers. Here’s why StrongPoint is the preferred choice:

  • Consistent Excellence: Over three decades in the industry, StrongPoint has consistently showcased its prowess.
  • Cutting-Edge Solutions: They ensure retailers are equipped with the latest in technology, keeping them ahead in the game.
  • Endorsed by Leaders: Their solutions are trusted by prominent grocery retailers across Europe and the USA, underscoring their reliability.

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