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Smart grocery retail technology

StrongPoint represents a significant leap in retail technology, seamlessly integrating the best of both in-store and online experiences. With StrongPoint at its core, this solution is meticulously designed to address the evolving demands of modern consumers.

By harnessing the power of digital transformation, StrongPoint offers a comprehensive omni-channel approach, ensuring that retailers can provide consistent and exceptional service across all touchpoints.

Whether it’s the convenience of self-service or the efficiency of streamlined operations, StrongPoint stands out as a beacon of innovation in the retail landscape. Dive deeper to discover how StrongPoint is redefining the future of retail.

Benefits & Features of StrongPoint

Omni-channel Excellence: StrongPoint bridges the gap between in-store and online shopping, ensuring a seamless experience for customers across all platforms.

E-commerce Order Fulfilment: Efficiency is paramount in e-commerce. StrongPoint optimises every stage of the order fulfilment process, from picking to the last mile of online orders.

Checkout and Payment Innovations: Say goodbye to long queues and cumbersome payment processes. StrongPoint introduces state-of-the-art self-checkout solutions, advanced cash management, and secure collection methods for age-restricted and high-theft items.

Safety and Security: StrongPoint prioritises the safety of both customers and retailers. With solutions for secure collection of age-restricted and high-theft items, retailers can ensure a safe shopping environment.

Digital Transformation: It is at the forefront of the digital revolution in retail. By leveraging the latest in retail technology, it offers solutions that drive efficiency, improve customer experience, and boost sales.

Trusted by Leading Retailers: StrongPoint’s reputation is bolstered by its collaboration with top retailers in Europe, North America, and Africa. This global presence and trust signify its reliability and effectiveness in the retail sector.


How does this platform enhance the e-commerce order fulfilment process? It optimises every stage, from picking to the last mile, ensuring efficiency and timely deliveries for online orders.

What makes the checkout and payment process stand out? The platform offers state-of-the-art self-checkout solutions, advanced cash management, and secure methods for collecting age-restricted and high-theft items, streamlining the payment experience.

How does it contribute to the safety and security of retail operations? By providing solutions for the secure collection of age-restricted and high-theft items, StrongPoint ensures a safer shopping environment for both customers and retailers

In what ways does this platform drive digital transformation in retail? It leverages the latest in retail technology to offer solutions that boost efficiency, enhance customer experience, and increase sales, positioning retailers for success in the digital age.

How does the omni-channel approach benefit retailers and customers alike? The approach ensures a consistent and seamless shopping experience, whether in-store or online, enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting retailer efficiency.

Why is it considered a cornerstone of modern retail technology? With its comprehensive solutions that address both in-store and online needs, StrongPoint is redefining the future of retail, making it an indispensable tool for modern retailers.

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