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Retail IT Solutions: Leading the Way in Retail Technology

At the heart of Retail IT Solutions lies its dedicated team. A glance at “Meet the Team” unveils a collective of top consultants and developers from Denmark and Poland, all experts in LS & Dynamics D365 Business Central. Boasting a combined experience exceeding 60 years, this team is pivotal in shaping the company’s trajectory in the retail technology domain.

Established in 2020 by Anders Jacobsen after a notable stint in the service industry, Retail IT Solutions has swiftly positioned itself as a top-tier retail and ERP technology solutions provider. With roots in Denmark and a significant presence in Poland, the firm caters to a diverse clientele from the UK to Estonia.

The company’s ethos centres on promoting growth and refining operations within the retail sector. This commitment is mirrored in the strategies and solutions crafted by the team Anders has assembled. Their expertise ensures that clients receive tailored solutions that optimise operations and pave the way for efficient expansion.

While Retail IT Solutions maintains robust operational bases in Denmark and Poland, its influence extends internationally. Embracing the digital era, a substantial portion of its consulting, configuration, and development tasks are conducted remotely. Yet, the team’s adaptability shines as they often integrate on-site with client project teams, ensuring a comprehensive approach to challenges. Furthermore, Retail IT Solutions is dedicated to assisting clients during site launches and updates, facilitating a seamless transition to their innovative digital platforms.

Retail IT Solutions is more than just a tech solutions provider; it’s a steadfast partner committed to propelling retail businesses into the future, ensuring they remain at the forefront of technological advancements.

Retail IT Solutions

Peter Brun Kjærbye
Senior Consultant / Mobile Device Expert

Retail IT Solutions

Henrik Olsen
Senior Consultant / Development Architect

Retail IT Solutions

Anders Jacobsen
Founder & Solution Architect

Retail IT Solutions

Benny Furman
Senior Consultant / Development Architect

Line Møller
Grenaa Office Manager

Ea Rye Rønnehøj

Retail IT Solutions

Morten Tonsgaard-Veirup
Copenhagen Office