Newton X, the World’s smallest Electronic Shelf Label

Unveiling Newton X, the pinnacle of SOLUM’s innovations in Electronic Shelf Labelling (ESL). This breakthrough product is heralded as the world's smallest ESL, masterfully designed for meticulous product labeling. Perfectly suited for items as delicate as eyeglasses to high-end fashion, Newton X elevates the customer journey and streamlines operational efficiency. In collaboration with Retail IT Solutions, Newton X sets the new standard in retail innovation.

Toshiba’s Resilience: POS solutions for challenging Retail.

In the dynamic world of retail, Toshiba's solutions stand out. Combining top-tier performance with rigorous testing, the resilience of their POS systems is unparalleled. From bustling ferry terminals to vibrant bars like Jolly Roger’s, unexpected spills and challenges are the norm. However, Toshiba's commitment ensures that these systems can withstand intense conditions, providing businesses with uninterrupted service. Retail IT Solutions proudly champions Toshiba's unwavering focus on resilience, offering retailers a solution that thrives even in the most demanding settings.

SOLUM TRACE: A Revolution in Retail IT Solutions

Introducing SOLUM TRACE: redefining asset tracking for businesses. Its sleek design offers versatility, enabling effortless monitoring of products, materials, and assets. From real-time temperature monitoring in fisheries to tracking in-store cart locations, it stands out—requiring no significant infrastructure, thus challenging the norms set by traditional LoRa Trackers and RFID systems

Revolutionising Checkout: TCx 810

The TCx 810 POS System, a product of Toshiba, is revolutionising the retail landscape. With 11th Gen Intel processors at its core, it guarantees unmatched performance and connectivity. It has been rigorously tested against harsh conditions ensuring it stands the test of time. Retailers can benefit from its adaptability, with multiple workstation configurations, while also managing and monitoring issues remotely. Dive into a world where efficiency meets durability.

Optimising Inventory with AGR

Retail IT Solutions proudly partners with AGR Inventory, presenting a game-changing approach to inventory through AGR Inventory Optimisation. Navigate intricate supply chains, achieve unparalleled visibility, and make informed decisions. With a focus on reducing overstocks and championing sustainability, AGR Inventory combines +20 years of expertise with a vision for a greener future. Elevate your retail operations with us

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