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Optimising Retail Excellence: The LS Central Pinnacle

LS Central stands as a beacon in retail management, offering a harmonious blend of Point of Sale (POS) and ERP functionalities. This platform is meticulously designed to equip retailers with clear sales and customer data, ensuring a seamless flow of operations from the storefront to the back office.

With the robust foundation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, LS Central delivers a comprehensive suite that encompasses financials, store operations, inventory management, and customer loyalty. The result is a cohesive approach to retail management, eliminating the challenges of juggling multiple software systems. As the retail world continues to grow and adapt, LS Central remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence, providing retailers with the tools they need to thrive.

Benefits & Features of LS Central for Retail

Unified Retail Management: LS Central offers a consolidated approach, bringing together diverse retail functionalities. From POS and store operations to supply chain management and eCommerce, it’s all integrated for a smoother experience.

Empowered Customer Interactions: Elevate your POS terminal into a proactive sales tool. With capabilities to offer personalised services, product recommendations, and even source out-of-stock items, every customer interaction is enhanced.

Operational Excellence: With LS Central, retailers can enjoy a streamlined interface that reduces training time. Plus, its offline capabilities ensure uninterrupted sales, even in the absence of internet connectivity.

Versatile Point of Sale Options: Adapt to the diverse needs of your customers. From traditional checkout tills to self-scanning systems and self-checkout terminals, LS Central offers flexibility. The ScanPayGo app further augments the shopping experience, allowing for in-app purchases, loyalty point checks, and more.

Centralised Oversight: Gain real-time insights into your business metrics. LS Central provides a panoramic view, allowing oversight of inventory, sales, pricing, and discounts across all outlets, be it physical or online.

Cost Efficiency: By integrating multiple functionalities into one platform, LS Central eliminates the need for disparate software solutions. This not only ensures data consistency but also leads to significant cost savings.


How does LS Central streamline the retail experience?

LS Central offers a unified platform that integrates POS, store operations, supply chain management, and eCommerce. This ensures a consistent and efficient retail experience, eliminating the need to juggle multiple software systems.

What features does the LS Central POS offer to enhance customer interactions?

The LS Central POS is designed to be more than just a transactional tool. It offers personalised service recommendations, checks inventory availability, orders out-of-stock items, and even provides a clienteling mode for tailored sales advice. Additionally, the ScanPayGo app allows for mobile purchases, loyalty point checks, and more.

Is there an offline mode for LS Central?

Yes, LS Central’s POS can operate offline, ensuring that sales continue even if there’s an interruption in internet connectivity.

How does LS Central ensure consistent data across all retail outlets?

LS Central provides a centralised system that offers real-time insights into key business metrics. This ensures consistent data across all physical and online stores, from inventory and sales to pricing and discounts.

Can LS Central adapt to different retail setups?

Absolutely. LS Central is versatile, catering to various retail needs. Whether it’s traditional checkout tills, self-scanning systems, or self-checkout terminals, LS Central offers a range of POS options to fit the unique requirements of each store.

How does LS Central contribute to cost savings for retailers?

By offering a comprehensive solution that integrates multiple retail functionalities, LS Central eliminates the need for separate software systems. This integrated approach not only ensures data consistency but also results in operational cost savings.

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