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Founded in 2020 by the visionary Anders Jacobsen, following his extensive tenure in the service industry, the company, Retail IT Solutions, swiftly cemented its position as a premier provider of retail and ERP technology solutions

Retail IT Solutions

Retail IT Solutions – Our story and mission

Retail IT Solutions: Your Partner in Retail Technology Evolution

Founded in 2020 by Anders Jacobsen after years in the service industry, The Company Retail IT Solutions has established itself as a leading retail and ERP technology solutions provider. Our primary mission is to foster growth and enhance operations within the retail sector.

Our Team: Experts in LS & Dynamics D365 Business Central

Anders has teamed up with some of Denmark’s top LS & Dynamics D365 Business Central consultants and developers. They bring over 60 years of collective experience, specialising in the LS and Business Central product suites. By leveraging this expertise, The Company offers solutions that enable retailers to manage operations effectively and pave the way for scaling their businesses.

Our Global Reach: From the UK to Estonia

With our operational base in Denmark, we passionately serve clients from the UK to Estonia. Most of our consulting, configuration, and development work remotely from our offices. However, we adapt based on client needs, often integrating into their project teams on-site. Beyond this, we assist clients with new site launches and updates, ensuring they transition smoothly to our innovative digital solutions.

Our mission

To provide the skills, expertise, and experience to help you grow your business, Empowering retailers and hospitality businesses to reach their full potential through digitalisation and innovative solutions.

Our vision

Our vision is to actively aid businesses, regardless of size, in achieving their utmost potential. Drawing on our expertise, we champion a transparent culture. We remain resolute and unwavering in cultivating robust, enduring partnerships with all our stakeholders.

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