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Retail IT Solutions, specialises in retail and ERP technology, notably LS & Dynamics D365 Business Central. Established in 2020, it offers services to the retail and hospitality sectors. Committed to digitalisation, Retail IT Solutions empowers businesses, serving clients across Northern Europe.

Toshiba’s Unyielding Temperature Endurance

n the diverse climates of the retail world, Toshiba's point-of-sale systems stand as paragons of resilience. Their detailed temperature testing underscores a dedication to seamless operation, regardless of environment. A narrative suggesting, "It only takes one gnarly bail on the slopes for an epic...cold snap," draws attention to unexpected challenges. Yet, Toshiba remains undeterred, preparing with comprehensive evaluations. This robust approach assures retailers of unwavering performance even in extreme conditions. Our alliance at Retail IT Solutions (RTS) with Toshiba symbolises a shared commitment to excellence, elevating Toshiba's temperature endurance as a trusted industry standard.

AGR Expertise: System Integration

Uncover five essential tips to simplify your retail operations. Learn how to optimise inventory management with software solutions, streamline point of sale systems for efficient customer transactions, and enhance employee communication for better collaboration. Understand the importance of embracing e-commerce to expand your customer reach and the role of customer relationship management systems in providing personalised customer experiences. These tips offer practical strategies for retailers seeking to improve efficiency, boost sales, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Case Study: XXL All Sports United

XXL All Sports United, a leading northern European sporting goods retailer, faced the challenge of enhancing in-store efficiency. Their solution? SOLUM's Newton Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL). This transformative change offered not just agile real-time price updates but also liberated staff to focus more on customers. The result was an immediate operational boost and a rapid return on investment. Dive into our case study to understand how this modern technology is redefining retail operations and offering brands like XXL a competitive edge in a dynamic market landscape.

Optimising Inventory with AGR

Retail IT Solutions proudly partners with AGR Inventory, presenting a game-changing approach to inventory through AGR Inventory Optimisation. Navigate intricate supply chains, achieve unparalleled visibility, and make informed decisions. With a focus on reducing overstocks and championing sustainability, AGR Inventory combines +20 years of expertise with a vision for a greener future. Elevate your retail operations with us

SoluM in Focus: Digital Mastery in Modern Retail

SoluM, a leader in the retail sector, is driving innovation with its state-of-the-art ESL technologies. Their flagship product, Newton, embodies efficiency and sustainability, exemplifying their commitment to a greener future. With a vision that extends beyond present challenges, SoluM is not just adapting to the evolving retail landscape but is reshaping it, ensuring retailers are always a step ahead in the digital age.

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