Harnessing AGR System Capabilities for Modern Retail

In the realm of contemporary retail, AGR System Capabilities stand out as a beacon of innovation and adaptability. This platform, with its myriad of features, is tailor-made for today’s retailers, ensuring efficiency at every turn.

1. Embracing Forecast Model Adaptability

One of the core AGR System Capabilities is its adaptability. Retailers benefit from accurate predictions, thanks to the system’s prowess in recalibrating its forecast model based on sales history shifts.

2. Precision with Deviation Reports

The AGR system offers deviation reports, a tool that provides retailers with a transparent insight into variances between projected sales and actual inventory.

3. Dashboard Insights: A Glimpse into Inventory

The AGR dashboard is a testament to the system’s capabilities, offering a comprehensive snapshot of supply chain irregularities.

4. Connected Items Feature

Product management is seamless with the AGR system. Be it reference products or temporary substitutions, AGR ensures operations run without a hitch.

5. Diverse Forecast Models

Precision is key. With up to 28 distinct forecast models at its disposal, the AGR system ensures every retailer’s forecasting needs are meticulously addressed.

6. AI Integration

Embracing the future, the AGR system integrates AI, selecting the most apt forecast model, guaranteeing accuracy in every projection.

7. Custom Calendars

Synchronisation is vital. With AGR, retailers can allocate custom calendars to suppliers, ensuring alignment even during holidays and special events.

8. Optimal Order Quantities

Cost-effectiveness is paramount. The AGR system offers insights into determining the best order quantities, considering a range of parameters.

9. Customisable Interface

Every retailer has unique needs, and the AGR system recognises this. It offers unparalleled customisation options, catering to both overview and order management preferences.

10. Consolidation and Splitting

Supplier management is a breeze with the AGR system. Whether it’s consolidating multiple suppliers into a single order or splitting a purchase order, AGR provides the necessary flexibility.

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