SOLUM TRACE: A Revolution in Retail IT Solutions

In an era where digitalisation shapes every corner of business, the tracking and management of products remain at the core of operational success. As industries evolve, so does the urgency for advanced, intuitive tracking solutions. Enter the SOLUM TRACE Innovation, a cutting-edge offering by SOLUM, meticulously crafted to redefine how businesses vigilantly monitor their assets.

Efficient Asset Management

Gone are the days when businesses grappled with making heavy investments in tracking infrastructure. The SOLUM TRACE offers a beacon of hope, presenting a solution that’s not just efficient but strikingly cost-effective. As a symbol of SOLUM TRACE Innovation, its discreet design resembles a coin or sticker. This bespoke versatility ensures it can be affixed to a broad spectrum, from products elegantly displayed on a shelf to carts navigated through store aisles.

“Trace is, I would say, a game-changer product in terms of tracking solutions. It’s very thin and tight; we have a coin, or it’s a sticker, and you can position it strategically on your products. You can even assign it to a cart, providing insights on its store journey,” articulated Stefan Voelkel, VP of Sales at SOLUM.

Beyond its primary function, SOLUM TRACE holds the capability to harvest valuable data in niche industries like the fishing sector. Assuring that fish remain in optimal conditions during transportation by vigilantly monitoring temperature fluctuations becomes effortless with this tool.

Seamless Integration and Use

Transitioning from traditional LoRa Trackers or RFID systems, SOLUM TRACE emerges as a solution without the chains of hefty infrastructure. Its design facilitates smooth signal transfers to Wi-Fi routers or directly to mobile devices. Voelkel elaborates, “By leveraging the signal to Wi-Fi points or your mobile handset, it’s possible to collate all positioning metrics, providing a comprehensive overview through our tailored application.”

The Retail IT Solutions Advantage

Allying as a proud SoluM partner, Retail IT Solutions (RTS) resonates with a philosophy of transformative solutions. With the introduction of SOLUM TRACE, RTS solidifies its pledge to usher in innovations that not only simplify but significantly uplift the retail journey.

As the retail cosmos rapidly evolves, the onus falls on businesses to embrace revolutionary solutions like SOLUM TRACE. Its unparalleled versatility, user-friendliness, and efficiency beacon a promising horizon for Retail IT Solutions.


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