RTS Academy

Bridging Retail and IT

RTS Academy aims to equip retail sector employees with the necessary technology skills and adaptability for a rapidly changing industry.

Recognising the growing integration of these two fields, RTS Academy strives to provide partners with the skills needed to navigate this complex environment.

The mission is to prepare professionals to manage new challenges and opportunities at the intersection of retail and IT.

It’s important to note that the platform continually expands its course offerings, focusing on key areas, with all content in English.

What We Offer

RTS Academy provides unique benefits and opportunities, enhancing our partners’ ability to address current retail and IT challenges:

Flexible Online Learning

Designed to fit a busy schedule, our courses offer online, on-demand access and a user-friendly interface, allowing partners to update their knowledge at their convenience, anytime, anywhere.

Partnerships with Educators and Industry

Collaborating with leading technology education experts enhances our curriculum’s relevance and practicality.

Integrated Training for Retail IT Solutions Clients

Training through our portal for employees of companies implementing Retail IT Solutions, ensuring the integration of new initiatives and enabling staff to refresh their knowledge continuously.

Customised Learning Paths

Tailored courses to meet individual and organisational goals, offering a personalised approach to professional development in retail and IT.

Key Areas

The key areas RTS Academy focuses on include

E-commerce and IT Infrastructure

Emphasising the importance of robust IT systems in managing e-commerce, inventory, and customer service.

Data Analysis and Big Data

Teaching to utilize large data sets to understand customer behaviour and optimize business strategies.

Customer Experience and Technology

Exploring AR, VR, and AI to enhance customer experiences.

Mobile Commerce and App Development

Highlighting the importance of mobile commerce and the development of effective mobile apps.

Supply Chain Management

Covering IT solutions for efficient supply chain management.

Omni-Channel Strategies

Teaching partners to integrate physical and digital sales channels effectively.