Fluid-Proof Solutions in Retail: Toshiba’s Expertise

In today’s unpredictable retail landscape, the resilience and efficiency of a point-of-sale (POS) system are crucial. Encounters within the bustling atmosphere of a ferry terminal or the lively ambiance of Jolly Roger’s Bar and Grill exemplify the challenges faced daily. Equally paramount to software functionality is the hardware’s durability. This is where Toshiba Retail Resilience truly shines. Toshiba, recognising these nuances, dedicates themselves to ensuring unparalleled solution performance. Their commitment, a core component of Toshiba Retail Resilience, is showcased through the rigorous temperature and fluid tests their systems endure. Their aim? Designing hardware that remains steadfast even amidst unexpected setbacks.

Why Liquids are a Retailer’s silent threat

Every retailer recognises that fluid spills in this industry are a given. Whether it’s a tipped-over beverage or an unexpected downpour at an open-air ferry dock, water damage threats loom large. The real concern for many is a significant spill during peak hours, making a POS system ineffective and leading to business interruptions.

Toshiba TCx 810

Toshiba TCx 810

Toshiba’s Liquid-Resilient solution

In dynamic settings like a ferry terminal or vibrant places like Jolly Roger’s Bar and Grill, accidents are inevitable. Yet, Toshiba’s meticulous engineering ensures their systems can withstand extensive water exposure. This resilience, part of the Toshiba Retail Resilience ethos, ensures that retailers can push through the chaos, serving patrons without any hitches. If Toshiba’s systems can hold strong in such demanding environments, they’re equipped to thrive anywhere.

Retail IT Solutions (RTS) takes immense pride in its partnership with Toshiba. This collaboration emphasizes providing robust solutions for retailers. By teaming up with Toshiba, we offer businesses a POS system that confronts challenges head-on, assuring uninterrupted service and utmost customer satisfaction. For those in retail seeking performance and durability, Toshiba’s unwavering focus on resilience becomes their competitive advantage, paving the way for success even when facing potential challenges.


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