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The Solum Newton 7.5-inch ESL Black elevates the retail experience with its expansive, high-definition display and sleek black casing, ideal for a range of settings from department stores to electronics outlets. Its long battery life and robust features ensure exceptional efficiency and flexibility in showcasing products.

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The Solum Newton 7.5-inch ESL Black represents a new era in electronic shelf labelling, combining advanced technology with a sophisticated design. Its striking black aesthetic complements diverse retail environments, from department stores to electronics and hardware outlets, making it a versatile choice for contemporary retail needs.


The Solum Newton 7.5-inch ESL Black is a compact powerhouse with 36.7mm x 45.0mm x 13.1mm dimensions. It boasts a display area of 27.0mm x 27.0mm, offering a sharp 200×200 resolution at a detailed 188 dpi. The device’s full graphic E-ink display vividly presents content in black, white, and red, encased in a sleek black frame. It also features a multi-functional 7-color LED indicator and operates on a CR2450 battery.


This model’s efficiency is highlighted by its impressive 5-year battery lifespan, accommodating updates twice daily, and minimising maintenance requirements. It also includes robust 128-bit AES encryption for top-level security. The 7.5-inch ESL Black is designed with an IP67 waterproof rating, ensuring durability across various retail settings. Its easy content update system and sturdy construction make it an essential tool for modern retailers.

The Solum Newton 7.5-inch ESL Black is an ideal match for various retail sectors. It is particularly effective for displaying detailed product information in electronics and hardware stores. In furniture and home décor outlets, it adds a touch of elegance while providing essential product details. The label’s versatility extends to department stores and luxury boutiques, adeptly showcasing a wide range of products, from fashion to tech, enhancing the consumer shopping experience.

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