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The Solum Newton 4.2-inch ESL White elevates retail displays with its large, high-definition screen and long-lasting battery, making it perfect for diverse retail settings like electronics and DIY stores. Its sleek white design, combined with advanced features, enhances customer interaction and store efficiency.

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The Solum Newton 4.2-inch ESL White is a revolutionary electronic shelf label designed to redefine how retailers showcase products. With its expansive display and pristine white design, this label is ideal for electronics, DIY, toy shops, and more. It delivers a modern and versatile solution for any retail environment.


The Solum Newton 4.2-inch ESL White excels in display technology, featuring an impressive size of 98.1mm in height and 83.8mm in length, with a depth of just 14.5mm. Its display area of 84.8mm by 63.6mm, offering a 400×300 pixel resolution and 120 dpi, ensures that visuals are significant but also crisp and vivid. The label’s full graphic E-ink display, capable of rendering black, white, and red colours with outstanding clarity, is framed by a stylish white bezel. Additionally, its functionality is enhanced with a 7-color LED indicator, making status updates effortless and clear.


A key advantage of the Solum Newton 4.2-inch ESL White is its remarkable battery life, lasting up to 10 years with bi-daily updates, greatly minimizing maintenance requirements. It also offers the convenience of wireless firmware updates and the security of 128-bit AES encryption. The robust IP67 waterproof rating of the label ensures its suitability and reliability in a wide range of retail settings.

This ESL is ideally suited for a broad spectrum of retail segments, particularly electronics, hardware, and toy stores. Its versatility also extends to luxury goods, consumer packaged goods, and department-store items, making it an essential tool for enhancing customer interaction and efficiency in in-store operations.

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