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The Solum Newton 2.6-inch Freezer Black sets a new standard in freezer environment labeling, offering a larger display and sleek black design for superior visibility and style. Its robust construction and extended battery life ensure reliable, efficient performance in cold retail settings.

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The Solum Newton 2.6-inch Freezer Black is the latest innovation in electronic shelf labelling, specifically designed for the unique demands of freezer environments. This model merges a sophisticated black design with state-of-the-art functionality, setting a new standard for performance in cold retail spaces.


The2.6-inch Freezer offers a more substantial size of 79.3mm x 42.4mm x 13.1mm, providing an ample display area of 60.1mm x 30.7mm. It renders sharp, high-contrast images at 360×184 pixels and 152 dpi resolution. The label’s full graphic E-ink display, encapsulated in a sleek black casing, presents striking black and white content. Powered by two CR2450 batteries, it guarantees consistent operation in chilly environments.


This model stands out with its remarkable 3-year battery life, enabling consistent updates with minimal maintenance. It is fortified with 128-bit AES encryption, ensuring exceptional security in retail settings. The Solum Newton 2.6-inch Freezer Black, with its IP67 rating for water resistance, is robustly built to endure the challenges of freezer use. Its easy-to-manage content system and sturdy construction make it an essential retailer asset, optimizing operational efficiency in cold conditions.


The Solum Newton 2.6-inch Freezer Black is ideal for a wide range of retail sectors, particularly grocery stores and warehouse clubs with extensive freezer sections. It is also a perfect match for electronics stores and speciality shops that need reliable labelling solutions in more excellent areas. Moreover, its adaptability is advantageous in department stores and consumer packaged goods, providing clear and compelling labelling for products stored in freezing temperatures.

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