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The Solum Newton 2.2-inch ESL White blends a high-resolution E-ink display and a 10-year battery life, transforming retail spaces with its advanced functionality and enduring efficiency.

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Meet the Solum Newton 2.2-inch ESL White, an innovative electronic shelf label that redefines retail spaces. Its sleek white design and enhanced functionality make it an indispensable asset for convenience stores, pharmacies, speciality shops, and boutique stores, seamlessly blending into modern retail environments.


The 2.2-inch ESL White is precision-engineered for superior display performance. It sports dimensions of 37.4mm in height, 48.1mm in length, and a slim 13.1mm in width. The active display area is 26.0mm by 26.0mm, providing a 296×160 pixel resolution and 156 dpi pixel density. This ensures vibrant and clear visuals, further accentuating the elegant white bezel. The device also features a versatile full graphic E-ink display, capable of showing black, white, and red colours, and offers excellent viewing angles. A multifunctional 7-color LED indicator aids in convenient status updates.


The Solum Newton 2.2-inch ESL White excels with its extended battery lifespan, boasting up to 10 years of service with bi-daily updates, significantly reducing maintenance efforts. Wireless firmware updates and 128-bit AES encryption safeguard its functionality and security. Its robust IP67 waterproof build ensures suitability for diverse retail environments, enhancing resilience and reliability.

This ESL suits a broad spectrum of retail categories, including computing and consumer electronics, luxury items, health and beauty products, and more. Its adaptability makes it an optimal choice for department and speciality stores, playing a pivotal role in improving customer interaction and streamlining operational processes.

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