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The Solum Newton X 2.2-inch Vertical Black enhances hospitality venues with its sleek vertical design and advanced display capabilities. It’s ideal for bars and restaurants seeking an elegant solution for showcasing premium offerings.

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The Solum Newton X 2.2-inch Vertical Black is a cutting-edge electronic shelf label meticulously designed for the dynamic world of bars, cafés, and restaurants. This sleek, vertical model blends a modern black design with sophisticated technology, offering a distinctive visual appeal in hospitality settings.


The Solum Newton X 2.2-inch Vertical Black is elegantly crafted with dimensions of 37.3mm x 67.6mm x 6.95mm, ideal for showcasing within the unique space constraints of hospitality venues. It boasts an active display area of 26.0mm x 48.1mm, rendering high-quality visuals with a resolution of 160×296 pixels at a pixel density of 156 dpi. The label’s full graphic E-ink display, encased in a chic black frame, skillfully presents content in black, white, and red, offering a wide viewing angle of nearly 180 degrees. Enhanced with a CP302525 pouch-type battery, it promises up to 3 years of reliable service, facilitating frequent updates with minimal maintenance.


This model stands out for its vertical orientation and durable design, making it an optimal choice for establishments like bars and cafés where space and visual impact are crucial. It ensures robust security with 128-bit AES encryption and complies with CE, RoHS, and FCC standards. The model’s 7-colour LED indicator, 2.4 GHz ESL operating frequency, and wireless firmware update capability add to its user-friendly nature, making it an invaluable asset in the fast-paced hospitality industry.

The Solum Newton X 2.2-inch Vertical Black is tailored for use in bars, cafés, and restaurants. It is particularly effective in displaying specialized beverages, gourmet foods, and other premium offerings. The label’s high-resolution display and vertical format make it perfect for showcasing speciality drinks, craft beers, exclusive coffees, and unique gourmet products, thus enhancing the customer’s browsing and selection experience.

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