The StrongPoint Vensafe Secure Sales Master revolutionizes retail efficiency and security, offering an automated solution for selling high-theft and age-restricted items like tobacco. This system integrates seamlessly with checkout systems, ensuring items are dispensed post-payment, thus reducing theft and ensuring compliance. It enhances inventory control, speeds up transactions, and maintains customer privacy. Ideal for any retail setting, Vensafe is an essential tool for modern retailers prioritizing loss prevention and improved customer service.

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The StrongPoint Vensafe Secure Sales Master is a cutting-edge solution reshaping retail security and efficiency. This innovative system streamlines the sale of high-risk and age-restricted products, such as tobacco, with a focus on reducing losses and enhancing the shopping experience. Vensafe’s automated dispensing technology integrates seamlessly with existing retail environments, representing a leap forward in secure and efficient customer service.


The StrongPoint Vensafe Secure Sales Master excels in secure automation. Customers can conveniently select and purchase items through a highly secure, automated dispenser, which is fully integrated with the store’s checkout systems and self-service kiosks. The system’s robust design ensures items are dispensed only after payment, effectively reducing theft and shrinkage. With advanced inventory management capabilities, it maintains optimal stock levels, facilitating accurate tracking and replenishing.


By deploying the StrongPoint Vensafe system, retailers can significantly diminish theft and unauthorized access to sensitive items like tobacco, ensuring compliance with regulatory mandates. This system not only fortifies inventory control but also enhances the overall shopping experience by expediting transactions and maintaining privacy. Customers benefit from reduced wait times and discreet handling of restricted purchases, making shopping smoother and more enjoyable.

The StrongPoint Vensafe Secure Sales Master is tailored for retailers seeking robust loss prevention solutions and streamlined operations. It’s particularly beneficial for stores handling high-theft or age-restricted commodities. From supermarkets to specialty stores, this system adapts to various retail settings, offering a secure, efficient, and compliant method for managing and selling sensitive items. It’s an indispensable tool for modern retailers aiming to optimize security and customer satisfaction.

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