The StrongPoint Vensafe Secure Sales Cool Master is a revolutionary retail solution designed to enhance security and efficiency in selling high-risk and age-restricted items like tobacco. It employs automated dispensing technology that integrates seamlessly with retail environments, reducing losses and improving the shopping experience. The system is secure, ensuring items are dispensed only after payment, and features advanced inventory management for maintaining optimal stock levels. This product represents a significant leap in secure customer service and efficient retail management, making it a valuable tool for modern retailers aiming to optimize operations and reduce theft.

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StrongPoint Vensafe Secure Sales Cool Master is a pioneering retail security and efficiency solution. This advanced system redefines how retailers handle high-risk and age-restricted items, such as tobacco, by enhancing security measures and streamlining customer transactions. This innovation stands at the forefront of retail solutions, ensuring compliance and customer satisfaction with every transaction.


The StrongPoint Vensafe Secure Sales Cool Master shines in the secure, automated dispensation. Customers can effortlessly select and pay for items via an integrated and secure automatic dispenser. This system connects flawlessly with existing checkout systems and kiosks, providing a seamless transaction experience. Its robust framework ensures items are released only post-payment, maintaining strict control over inventory and reducing loss.


Retailers utilising the StrongPoint Vensafe system see a marked reduction in theft and unauthorised access to sensitive goods, ensuring adherence to legal regulations. This system bolsters inventory management while accelerating transactions, enhancing the customer’s shopping journey. The discreet handling of restricted items and quicker service results in a more pleasant and efficient shopping experience.

The StrongPoint Vensafe Secure Sales Cool Master is ideal for retailers to fortify their loss prevention strategies and improve operational efficiency. It’s especially suited for outlets dealing with high-theft or regulated products. Whether a bustling supermarket or a niche store, this system provides a secure, efficient, and compliant way to manage and vend sensitive goods. It’s an essential asset for any modern retail setting focused on security and customer satisfaction.

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