StrongPoint, renowned for its contributions to retail technology, specializes in solutions that significantly enhance grocery retail operations. Their focused product lineup, including the innovative Vensafe automated dispenser, user-friendly self-checkout systems, efficient order picking keys, and secure Click & Collect lockers, is designed to meet modern retail environments’ dynamic needs, ensuring operational efficiency and heightened customer satisfaction.

Central to StrongPoint’s innovation is the Vensafe dispenser, a groundbreaking system for securely dispensing high-theft items, thereby reducing shrinkage and optimizing inventory control. Their self-checkout systems are designed for ease of use, accelerating the process and providing customers with a more satisfying shopping experience. Additionally, StrongPoint’s order-picking solutions are tailored for grocery retailers, enhancing the accuracy and speed of product retrieval and packaging, which is crucial in today’s fast-paced retail world. The Click & Collect lockers, another critical offering, provide a seamless and secure option for customers to retrieve online orders, integrating effortlessly with a retailer’s existing digital infrastructure.

Each product in StrongPoint’s range is aimed at revolutionizing retail operations. The Vensafe dispenser notably curtails the theft risk, ensuring high-value items are dispensed efficiently and securely. The self-checkout systems reduce wait times and free up staff to focus on more value-added services. The order-picking solutions significantly improve inventory management, which is crucial for maintaining the pace and reliability of grocery retail. Lastly, the Click & Collect lockers offer a convenient and flexible pickup option for online purchases, enhancing customer loyalty and driving repeat business.


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