Newton redefines the functionality of electronic shelf labels (ESL) by delivering a robust solution that promises enhanced operational efficiency and customer interaction. Its sophisticated technology provides retailers a reliable, innovative tool to streamline in-store communications and display strategies.


The Newton ESL system is notable for its durability and advanced technology, offering a wide range of features that cater to the demanding retail environment. It has a high-resolution, full-graphic E-ink display supports black, white, red, and yellow, making it suitable for vibrant, eye-catching advertisements. The device operates under a 2.4 GHz frequency for ESL, ensuring real-time updates across the store without manual intervention. It features IP67-rated protection against water and dust, making it suitable for various store environments. Furthermore, Newton supports multifunctional capabilities through its two-button system and multi-colour LED notifications, enhancing user interaction.

Business Value

Newton provides substantial business value by enhancing store operations through its efficient, real-time communication capability, reducing the need for frequent manual updates. Its long battery life—up to 10 years with minimal updates—ensures that stores can enjoy prolonged use without frequent replacements, reducing operational costs. The Newton ESL system also offers NFC capabilities and advanced encryption, providing secure and interactive customer engagements.


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