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The Solum Newton 11.6-inch ESL Black revolutionizes retail displays with its expansive, high-resolution screen and elegant black design, ideal for various retail settings from high-end department stores to technology outlets. Its extended battery life and robust features ensure exceptional efficiency and versatility in product showcasing.

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The Solum Newton 11.6-inch ESL Black is a state-of-the-art electronic shelf label that marks a significant step forward in retail display technology. Its bold black design and expansive display seamlessly integrate into various retail settings, including high-end department stores and contemporary electronics retailers, offering a sophisticated and functional solution for modern retail demands.


The Solum Newton 11.6-inch ESL Black stands out with its generous dimensions of 192.0mm x 269.3mm x 21.9mm, making it an eye-catching display solution. The vast 163.0mm x 244.5mm display area provides an impressive 640×960 resolution at 100 dpi, ensuring content is displayed with clarity and vibrancy. The full graphic E-ink display, capable of showing black, white, and red visuals, is beautifully framed in a robust black casing. The model is further enhanced with a versatile 7-color LED indicator and is powered by four AA batteries for efficient operation.


This innovative model boasts an exceptional 10-year battery life with daily updates, significantly reducing the need for frequent maintenance. Equipped with 128-bit AES encryption, it guarantees top-tier security. The Solum Newton 11.6-inch ESL Black’s IP67 waterproof rating underscores its durability in various retail environments. Its ease of content management and solid build quality make it a vital tool for modern retail settings.

The Solum Newton 11.6-inch ESL Black suits a broad spectrum of retail sectors. It excels in electronics and hardware stores for showcasing detailed product information. In furniture and home décor outlets, it adds an element of sophistication while presenting product details. Additionally, the device is invaluable in department stores and luxury boutiques, where it can effectively highlight a diverse range of products, from designer apparel to cutting-edge consumer electronics, thereby enriching the customer shopping experience.

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