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The Solum Newton 1.6-inch ESL White is an advanced electronic shelf label designed for retailers and convenience stores. It offers clear display, durability, and wireless updates, perfect for modern retail environments.

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The Solum Newton 1.6-inch ESL White is a groundbreaking solution in digital display technology. Designed to cater to the specific needs of boutiques, pharmacies, and speciality stores, this electronic shelf label (ESL) brings a unique blend of efficiency and aesthetic appeal to modern retail environments.


The Solum Newton 1.6-inch ESL White showcases a compact design, measuring 36.7mm in height, 45.0mm in length, and a slender 13.1mm in width. Its active display area of 27.0mm by 27.0mm, combined with a high resolution of 200×200 pixels and a pixel density of 188 dpi, ensures crisp and clear visuals. The full graphic E-ink display, capable of presenting black, white, and red colours, enhances readability from nearly any angle. A white bezel enhances the unit and features a 7-color LED indicator for easy status updates.


This ESL model stands out with its extended battery life, lasting up to 5 years with twice daily updates, minimising maintenance needs. The convenience of wireless firmware updates and the robust security provided by 128-bit AES encryption ensure ease of use and data safety. Furthermore, its IP67 waterproof rating and durable design make it suitable for various retail settings.

Tailored for diverse retail segments, the Solum Newton 1.6-inch ESL White is ideal for displaying information in computing and consumer electronics, luxury items, and health and beauty products. Its versatile nature also suits it for department and speciality stores, offering an innovative solution for enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency.

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